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House of Acts Workforce

Edmond Wade, Workforce Manager

627 Grant Street

Vallejo, Calif.  94590

(707) 980-7608

Mon. - Fri.   |   8AM - 5PM

Sat.  |   By Appointment


The House of Acts Workforce Division was created in 2004 to provide our residents with an opportunity to give back to their community and to learn valuable on-the-job training skills in a variety of areas.

We are a drug-free workplace. 


Many of our residents have little or no job experience when they enter our program.  For them, having to find work after recovery is a very difficult task.  Workforce is here to provide them with that work experience. 


With the current level of economic activity, and unemployment in the Bay Area, a lot of companies (big and small) are being forced to re-evaluate their staffing, project, and special event needs.  The House of Acts Workforce is committed to providing a way to address the issues by offering a source of hardworking dedicated workers on demand.

Our tax deductible Workforce is available for the following residential and commercial services:

  • Handyman services 

  • Lawn care and maintenance 

  • Landscape design 

  • Minor repairs and improvements 

  • Demolition 

  • Fencing installation and repair 

  • Janitorial services 

  • Moving and packing 

  • Hauling 

  • Painting 

  • Site clean-up/Junk removal
    (e.g. couches, chairs, appliances,
    recyclables, debris, yard, and
    garage junk) 

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