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Continued Education

Recovery is possible!

Recovery from alcohol and drug problems is a process of change through which an individual achieves abstinence, and improved health, wellness and quality of life. 

The House of Acts promises to take you step, by step, by step...not all at once...but step, by step.  Each step will be a miracle!

The robust services we offer to assist our residents in recovery are as follows:

Computer Training and Career Development

​There is a vast need for digital literacy, opportunity, and inclusion within vulnerable communities, like the ones we serve.  We are actively providing our residents with essential career-related resources, mentorship, digital literacy education, economic autonomy, and career and networking opportunities.

We believe that substance abuse treatment and recovery include technological advancement.  As the digital economy continues to expand, it is our responsibility to educate our residents so they are not excluded from future opportunities.

Continued Education Services

  • Weekly general education (GED) preparation classes

  • Financial literacy

  • Online college credit classes through Solano Community College and Diablo Valley College

  • Computer training course focused on all Windows 10 Microsoft Office software applications

  • Job search workshops, including probation- and parolee-friendly job fairs

  • Resume writing and mock interview training


Key Benefits

  • Resident receives GED computer skills to improve job marketability.

  • Resident receives real solutions and guidance on how to implement them.

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