Board of Directors

Hattie Smith-Miles

Background and expertise:  Mrs. Miles is the Founder and Program Director with a Bachelor's degree and Certification in Alcohol & Drug Counseling (CADC).  Mrs. Miles has been a dedicated advocate for alcohol and drug treatment and awareness for over 40 years.  Learn More

Taira Scott, Attorney at Law


Background and expertise:  Attorney Scott graduated from Barry University School of Law.  Attorney Scott has a Juris Doctorate degree, a Master's degree in Entertainment Business, and a Bachelor's degree in Political Science.  Attorney Scott is a native of Vallejo and currently works in Contra Costa County.

Valerie Madison


Background and expertise:  Ms. Madison is a local resident of Vallejo.  Ms. Madison attended Contra Costa County College and San Jose State.  Ms. Madison majored in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology.  Ms. Madison worked in law enforcement for over 25 years. 

Omar Boughton


Background and expertise:  Mr. Boughton is a native of Vallejo and is motivated to help others in the community.  Mr. Boughton is currently working on his second degree in Accounting.  Mr. Boughton is a teacher within the Sacramento School District. 

Kamicha Boughton

Community Outreach

Background and expertise:  Ms. Boughton is a native of Vallejo, who believes in bridging the gap between the city, the community, and the House of Acts.  Ms. Boughton handles all community outreach for the House of Acts.  Ms. Boughton has a Master's degree in Public Administration. 

Joscelyn Jones Torru, Esquire


Background and expertise:  For over 30 years, Attorney Jones Torru has been assisting families when tragedy, calamity, crisis or loss hits due to a legal matter.  Attorney Jones Torru was born and raised in Southern California, where she obtained her Juris Doctorate degree from University of California, Los Angeles and Bachelor's degree from University of Redlands.  After being nationally selected for a Reginald Hebert Smith Community Lawyer Fellowship, Attorney Jones Torru relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area to begin her legal career.  Attorney Jones Torru's personal motto is integrity above all else, which has garnered her respect of judiciary colleagues, community leaders, and clients.  Attorney Jones Torru is recognized in the legal community as an excellent legal advocate, temporary judge, and adjunct law professor.

Rob'Lena Miles


Background and expertise:  Ms. Miles is a native of Vallejo, who believes in the power of social innovation.  Ms. Miles is a digital marketing executive for a nonprofit in San Francisco.  Ms. Miles oversees the budgeting and advises on improvements to processes and systems solutions for the House of Acts.  Ms. Miles has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and is currently working on her third degree, an MBA in Global Innovation.