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Substance Abuse Treatment Program & Sober Living Environment                                                           Advocating Recovery & Sobriety Since 1989
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Recovery Defined: Recovery from alcohol and drug problems is a process of change through which an individual achieves abstinence and improved health, wellness and quality of life.

The services offered to assist the residents while participating in The House of Acts Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program are as follows:
These services are offered to give the client depth and understanding of their addiction, possible issues with HIV and drug use and a chance to discuss and deal with the pain that is associated with drug use. The counseling avails the client trained resources to discuss, plan and implement a daily plan of action and recovery.

Brief Description
- One hour per week individual counseling session 
- Ten to Fourteen - 60 minute Group counseling sessions per week 
- Three 12-Step activities per week (NA, AA, Co-Dependency, and Family Issues) 
- One HIV Education BI-weekly 

Key Benefits
- Client undergoes intense professional counseling to discuss life issues on aregular basis 
- Client is given tools to cope and change negative habits causing addiction 
- Client gains knowledge to help prevent him from relapse 
Reliable, Conscientious, Courteous Service with a Smile
The House of Acts Workforce Division was created in 2004 to provide our clients with an opportunity to give back to their community and to learn valuable on-the-job training skills in a variety of areas. Many of our clients have little or no job experience when they enter our program. For them, having to find work after recovery is a very difficult task. WorkForce is here to provide them with that work experience. 

With the current level of economic activity, and unemployment in the Bay Area, a lot of companies big and small are being forced to re-evaluate their staffing, project, and special event needs.

The House of Acts Workforce is committed to providing a way to address these issues by offering a source of hardworking dedicated workers on demand. 

Our tax deductible Workforce is available for the following residential and commercial services:
- Handyman services 
- Lawn care and maintenance 
- Landscape design 
- Minor repairs & improvements 
- Demolition 
- Hauling 
- Site clean-up 
- Fencing installation & repair 
- Janitorial services 
- Moving & packing 
- Painting 

Contact us today for a quote:
Edmond Wade, Workforce Manager
Phone:  707.980.7608

Brief Description
Job/housing placement assistance
Case management and exit planning assistance
30-60-90 day aftercare follow-up

Key Benefits
- Client is given help to find employment and his own personal housing
- Each client receive professional case management
- Aftercare continues in measured increments
- Referrals to community services for emergency medical attention

TRANSITIONAL YOUTH PROGRAM (Young Adults Age Group: 18-25)
Brief Description
- Family education & Parenting skills
- Relapse prevention
- Anger management
- Living skills
- Health & Nutritional education
- Job search workshops
- Resume writing & Interview training
- Computer training course focused on Windows & Microsoft Office 2007 software applications
- Weekly GED Preparation classes
- Online College Credit classes through Solano Community College and Diablo Valley College

Key Benefits
- Client receives real solutions and guidance on how to implement them
- Client receives GED & computer skills to improve job marketability
- Client receives medical & healthful living guidance​
The process for acceptance into the House of Acts Social Model Facility, is that all potential residents and referrals are interviewed by staff and current residents. This enables us to access the candidates willingness and readiness to comply with the program requirements.

Before being accepted into the program the resident must be clean for 10 to 14 days. For the first 30 days, the resident is required to do daily groups. After the probationary period, the resident is allowed to leave the residence from 4-8pm.

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Contact us today for a quote:
Edmond Wade, Workforce Manager
Phone: 707.980.7608

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